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What to expect from a session of counselling

A counselling session lasts fifty minutes. Our first session is really important, since we are going to know each other and to talk about what brought you to see me. You will ask me questions and explain what you expect from the therapy. Hopefully you will leave with a sense of whether you wish to continue to work with me. If we both feel comfortable to work together, then we’ll make arrangements for the next sessions. We will regularly review the goals towards which we work and agree on the best way forward.

Music exploration starts with a preliminary conversation where you will expose your issues and problematic areas.   Then, based on your information, I will tailor a music programme suitable for you. I will then invite you to lay over a couch and I will induce you in a deep state of relaxation: this part of the session lasts five to ten minutes. Once you are completely relaxed, I will start the music. While listening to the music, you will be gently led in your exploration and asked to share and bring out your visions while you are connected with your inner self.

In the post-listening talk we will analyse together the meaning of your journey. You will be stimulated to connect with your issues, to find solutions, to see things from a different perspective, to develop awareness and to be more positive and energised.

Say, for example, you suffer from anxiety or depression but you are not aware of the reasons behind your condition. In most cases, during the journey, explanations will emerge and soon became evident.

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