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In-depth exploration

In-depth exploration, although is carried out with the help of music, is not a form of music therapy.

Besides being a counsellor, I am a musician and occasionally I use a style of in-depth search carried out with the help of music to explore the patient’s inner world through the visionary and the metaphoric process activated by listening to music.

Music, by its very ambiguity and complexity, when listened to in a state of profound relaxation, produces altered states of consciousness. The synergy of music, visions, and altered state of consciousness brings changes in the deep structures of the personality and overcomes emotional and psychological pain.


The advantage of using music to help to investigate the patient's inconscious is in the depth, speed and relative ease of the work. It enables my patients to wrestle with deep-seated conflicts more quickly than any other mean by bringing them to conscious awareness in a manner that you can tolerate. Many issues are worked through in the context of the counselling session itself. The holding environment created within the music experience lowers anxiety and allows you to deal with deeply repressed or highly conflicted material.

Music exploration is a terrific help to counselling . Its unique features make psychotherapy most effective and dramatically reduce the length of a treatment. Based on my experience, some of my clients, after only six sessions, are successful in developing a better self-awareness, becoming more emotionally balanced and able to manage their own resources.


Is music exploration right for you?

Music exploration is not a form of music therapy.  It's of great help to everybody, you don't need to play or sing or to be knowledgeable about classical music. It works with clients of all ages and with all sorts of issues.

Is music exploration right for children?

Music exploration is highly suitable and very effective for children and adolescents. The format is slightly different and sessions are shorter. The aim of music exploration can be, just as an example, to rebalance emotional needs, to deal with bullying problems, anger management, to address problems of ADHD disorder or low self-esteem.

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