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[…] I never imagined I felt the need to go to see a psychotherapist. I always thought I am strong enough and I can handle everything in my life; but, apparently, some things are harder to deal with than it looks. I am so grateful and pleased that I met Letizia: music exploration changed my life completely. I have never felt better and more self-confident. Starting from my first session I felt re-born: I have never been so open in front of someone without being judged at all. My experience with the music journeys is something that helped me to bring out my deepest and most painful memories. When I look at myself now, I see a better, stronger person who trusts people, is no longer frustrated and believes in the future, a person who is not afraid of losses and who has learnt how to accept things in life. N.S.

[…] I have been working with Letizia for a few months now and I can honestly say - having seen a few therapists before - that this is the first time I feel I am actually 'getting somewhere'. She doesn't just listen and nod: she interacts. The music explorations have helped me to access parts of myself in a more immediate way. I would definitely recommend Letizia's work as I feel that since working with her, I have made considerable progress in the areas I wanted. S.F.
[...] Music exploration has been a really fascinating experience. It feels like dreaming while awake. It's been interesting to notice the types of visions I see and emotional experiences I have while listening to the music, and discussing them afterwards has been really illuminating. I feel like the process has helped me gain a sense of empowerment during a very stressful time in my life, and that it has helped me come closer to the truth of what I'm feeling in a really deep way, moving past the confusion of daily life. I feel like it allows me to access the true, deep emotions that are simmering well below the surface of consciousness, and I've found that really helpful. L.M.

[...] After going through a divorce I have been trying out different therapy styles to help me rebuild my life. I had a year of psychotherapy and wanted to explore alternative ways to understand my subconscious and patterns. After feeling moved by listening to music and noticing the emotions that were provoked, I came across Letizia’s practice and I decided to try music exploration.  It felt like the perfect fit.

I didn’t know what to expect arriving; Letizia was caring and made me feel very comfortable. In the first appointment I shared some of my personal history and then she selected a piece of music with a theme to work on. The first two appointments brought up some interesting visions for me that stayed with me and made me see things differently. However it was really the following two appointments that had the biggest impact. After some recent difficult life events, Letizia selected music that was supportive and nourishing. The experience of feeling supported and nourished through music was an incredible healing experience. It kept me feeling calm and centred after the appointments and it's something I have integrated into my life. Letizia also recommended music for me to listen to, which is a beautiful new practice that grounds me. I love that music exploration goes straight to shifting feelings. I believe when you can change the way you feel, it is so much easier to change your thoughts and actions. I would highly recommend this experience to anyone who wants a richer understanding of themselves and just the wonderful gift of the feelings that the music guides you through. For me that gift has been an incredible sense of peace and calm. Thank you Letizia! L.W.

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