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Why Integrative Approach is so successful

The kind of integrative counselling I offer is based on the idea that no single approach can treat every individual. My own approach to psychotherapy brings together and integrates elements of different schools.

There is no such thing as one-size-fits-all therapy: each patient is a different human being and needs to be considered as a whole. This is why I adjust my counselling technique to your individual needs and personal circumstances and to you as a whole.


Human mind can be explored and understood in many ways - one theory alone doesn't hold the keys to everybody - so I passionately believe different theories have to be considered and brought together.

My own version of integrative counselling promotes healing, facilitates wholeness and ensures that your mental, physical and emotional levels are brought to their full potential.

Unlike in a Woody Allen film, counselling must not be a never-ending process of a lifetime.

I will start by setting goals with you; consequently you will feel empowered to practice new behaviours, to move beyond your present limitations and you will very soon start to experience a greater satisfaction in your life.

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